Building our Biofuture: Policy issues and opportunities for next generation biotechnologies


Geoffrey Otim

SynBio Africa

Founder & CEO


Geoffrey Otim is a distinguished life scientist dedicated to advancing synthetic biology, biosecurity, and pandemic preparedness in Africa. As the visionary founder and CEO of SynBio Africa, he has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives that have positioned the organization as a pioneering force for innovation and collaboration on the continent. Notably, Geoffrey established the first International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition team from East Africa, showcasing his commitment to nurturing talent and driving excellence in synthetic biology. He has also organized international synthetic biology and biosecurity conferences in Africa, underscoring his dedication to advancing scientific discourse and addressing global challenges. Geoffrey's visionary leadership extends to initiatives such as the SynBio Africa Global Catastrophic Biological Risks Initiative, focusing on pandemic preparedness tailored to the African context. His influence transcends borders, as he serves on various international expert groups and has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the SynBioBeta Impact Award in 2023. With diverse research interests spanning cryptic microbial secondary metabolites, gut microbiome engineering, and biofuel production, Geoffrey continues to make significant contributions to the field of synthetic biology.

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