2021 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum


Measuring public integrity has been a long-standing challenge. The OECD is launching its new Public Integrity Indicators to change that. This is the first time that OECD member countries agree on standard indicators for the preparedness and resilience of the public integrity system at the national level, to prevent corruption, mismanagement and waste of public funds, and to assess the likelihood of detecting and mitigating various corruption risks. The indicators combine sub-indicators establishing minimum legal, procedural and institutional safeguards for the independence, mandate and operational capability of essential actors in the integrity system. This first-ever comprehensive set of indicators based on an agreed international legal instrument, adhering to the same high statistical standards as other OECD indicators, and validated by OECD member countries, is a significant milestone for the integrity and anti-corruption community. The session will present the results for the first set of indicators on Quality of Strategic Framework, and discuss the way forward on how the indicators could inspire actionable change.