OECD Forum on Gender Equality


Princess Nouf bint Muhammad bin Abdullah AlSaud

King Khalid Foundation



Her Highness Princess Nouf bint Muhammad bin Abdullah is the CEO of the King Khalid Foundation. A leading non-profit organisation in Saudi Arabia, the foundation’s goal is to create equal opportunities for all Saudis by: maximising the impact of NGOs, encouraging national companies to adopt environmental and social sustainability practices, investing in projects to increase skills of disadvantaged groups, producing evidence-based research and providing policy solutions to Saudi decision-makers to help build a viable social protection system in Saudi Arabia. Princess Nouf also leads the foundation’s global thought leadership around the promotion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and protecting inclusive growth. In 2020, she chaired the Civil 20 Engagement Group, one of the G20 engagement groups, representing the perspectives and voices of global civil society to G20 Leaders. Under her leadership, the C20 membership grow in inclusivity to include strong representation from the global south, resulting in the C20 hosting the biggest gathering of civil society organisations in the history of the G20, with more than 1,500 civil society organisations attending the C20 Summit, and 25,000 online viewers.