OECD Forum on Gender Equality

OECD Forum on Gender Equality: 

Navigating global transitions

10-11 June 2024
OECD Conference Centre, Paris

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The 2024 OECD Forum on Gender Equality will address advancing gender equality amid green, energy, and digital transitions. Discussions will highlight gendered impacts and potential exacerbation of disparities, particularly for vulnerable groups. Opportunities, innovative strategies, and policies, including through development cooperation, will be explored to empower women to thrive in the digital age and ensure their equal participation in sustainability efforts. 
In a rapidly changing world marked by major transformations such as digitalisation, the transition to sustainable energy, and the shift towards sustainable and green growth, gender inequality remains a pressing challenge. Such gender inequalities can hinder women's access to the opportunities spanning from major transformations such as green transition and digital innovation. For example, while women are disproportionately affected by climate change and environmental degradation, they are often excluded from decision-making bodies addressing these issues and face barriers like social norms and stereotypes in sectors like energy and digital. Neglecting gender considerations in ongoing transformations could also worsen existing risks for women, including gender-based violence and unequal care burdens. This is on top of ongoing global crises such as inflation and the aftermath of COVID-19 which threaten to deepen these inequalities further.