OECD Forum on Gender Equality


Marja Ruotanen

Council of Europe

Director General of Democracy and Human Dignity


Over 30 years of professional experience in several intergovernmental sectors of the Council of Europe, involving co-operation, monitoring and standard-setting, as well as in the Parliamentary Assembly. She has worked as Director in the field of legal co-operation, judicial reform and efficiency of justice. During her career she provided political advice to the Council of Europe leadership (Director of SG Private Office), led intergovernmental co operation, developed and implemented multi-disciplinary and multi-annual strategies. Presently Director General of Democracy and Human Dignity (DG2), her areas of responsibility include children’s rights, trafficking in human beings, gender equality, violence against women, addressing intolerance and discrimination, freedom of expression, media, civil society and youth participation, education, culture and cultural heritage, and sport values. Finnish nationality. Studied at McGill University (Canada).