3rd OECD Expert Group Meeting on Mis- and Disinformation

3rd Meeting of the OECD Expert Group on Mis- and Disinformation Fighting disinformation together: Toward a new governance model

21 March 2022 / Replays available


As part of its Reinforcing Democracy Initiative, the OECD is engaging policy makers through its Expert Group on Mis- and Disinformation to understand the implications of – and potential responses to – the challenges of mis- and disinformation. The third meeting of the Expert Group expands the discussion by exploring what has worked and what has not with the various policies already in place, as well as examining the regulatory questions and responses. The group will also discuss how civil society and business can work with governments to address the global threat posed by the spread of harmful and misleading content. This third meeting, organised in partnership with the Forum on Information and Democracy, the implementing entity of the International Partnership for Information and Democracy gathering 45 States, will close with a practical discussion of how the OECD and the Forum on I&D can support members and partners in moving this area of work forward.
Mar 21, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:20 PM

Opening remarks & Session 1 – Going beyond existing policies and partnerships: Building resilience...

Mar 21, 2022
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Session 2 – Emerging regulatory measures to address mis- and disinformation & Closing remarks:...


Elsa Pilichowski, Director, Public Governance, OECD

Fighting disinformation together: Toward a new governance model

The spread of mis- and disinformation poses a threat to the very foundations of our democracies, which depend on functioning information ecosystems to empower free speech and citizen engagement. How can governments help tackle this complex challenge, while protecting freedom of speech and the free flow of information?
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