Learning in a changing world: Evidence, innovation and creative thinking in education

Learning in a changing world

Evidence, innovation and creative 
thinking in education

18 —19 June 2024, OECD, Paris


About the event

Conference co-organised by OECD and Yidan Prize Foundation
Rapid advances in technology are transforming our lives and blurring the boundaries between humans and computers. At the same time, global issues like climate change, inequality and conflict are forcing us to confront a world of unprecedented complexity and uncertainty. The conference will explore how education systems can learn from evidence and think forward to resolve complex problems. Two key concepts underlie this exploration: developing creative thinking of students, teachers and policy makers; and effectively integrating research evidence in educational practice and policy making. Speakers and participants will look into how the two can be mutually reinforcing, rather than mutually exclusive. 

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OECD Conference Centre
2, rue André-Pascal 75016 Paris