Tackling Disinformation: Strengthening Democracy through Information Integrity


Nishant Lalwani

International Fund for Public Interest Media



Nishant is Chief Executive Officer at the International Fund for Public Interest Media. Alongside James Deane, he co-founded the International Fund and has worked closely with the team, Board and the media development sector to launch the Fund. Nishant has twenty years of experience in international development, media development and strategy and leadership roles. Prior to joining the International Fund, he was Vice President of Global Programmes at Luminate, which included leading the international philanthropy’s strategy for funding independent media. In 2013, Nishant helped launch the non-profit Global Innovation Fund (GIF). As COO, he led GIF’s investment process and venture support team, making investments and grants across the world. Nishant was also on the founding team of the Monitor Inclusive Markets (MIM) group in India, which sought to drive scale among market-based solutions to poverty. He has previously worked at the UN Development Programme in Zambia and also at Marakon Associates, a strategy consulting firm in London.

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