Tackling Disinformation: Strengthening Democracy through Information Integrity

Tackling disinformation: Strengthening democracy through information integrity

13 - 14 November, 2023 OECD, Paris

Strengthening democracy through information integrity

This conference will bring together representatives from government, digital platforms, media, academia and civil society to identify effective policy responses to the urgent challenges our democracies face in the information space. Conversations will focus on government architecture and coordination mechanisms, efforts to build societal resilience, and regulatory responses. By focusing on tangible questions around what works and why, the conference will also set the stage for working toward OECD guidelines on the issue and provide the occasion to discuss expanding the OECD DIS/MIS Resource Hub’s engagement and reach.

The OECD DIS/MIS Resource Hub

The OECD DIS/MIS Resource Hub is a peer learning platform for sharing knowledge, data, and analysis of government approaches to tackling mis- and disinformation. Informed by the OECD Expert Group on Governance Responses to Mis- and Disinformation, the Resource Hub gives countries the information and tools they need to respond to global information and foreign interference challenges. 

OECD work in this space will also provide a platform for co-operation, where decision makers, along with representatives of civil society, academia and the private sector, will meet to discuss challenges, share good practices and find effective solutions.

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You can reach the OECD Mis- and Disinformation team at GOV.integrity@oecd.org