Tackling Disinformation: Strengthening Democracy through Information Integrity


Juliana Uribe Villegas

Movilizatorio, Colombia

CEO & Founder


Juliana Uribe, a distinguished Colombian, one of the 45 most transformative women under 45 by La Silla Vacía and an Acumen Fellow. She is fervently dedicated to mobilizing citizen power and redefining the landscape of media literacy. Motivated by the urgent issues of inequality and poverty prevalent in her nation and broader region, she established Movilizatorio, a shining beacon helmed by dynamic women and young leaders. Within a span of seven pivotal years, they've collaborated with 600 aligned organizations, touched the lives of over 150 thousand individuals through active mobilization, and imparted training to more than 12,000 individuals in areas like media literacy, mobilization, and incidence. As the globe confronts towering challenges such as climate change, stark inequalities, and the rapid advancements of technology, Juliana is unwavering in her commitment to equip the next generation. Her aspiration? To foster a world where individuals transition from passive observers to proactive contributors in decision-making, with a profound understanding that genuine transformation is anchored in collective action and unobstructed pathways to influential power structures. There’s a quote by Maria Ressa that resonates with her: “Without facts, you can't have truth. Without truth, you can't have trust. Without all three, we have no shared reality, and democracy as we know it—and all meaningful human endeavors—are dead.”

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