Tackling Disinformation: Strengthening Democracy through Information Integrity


Baiba Braže

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia

Ambassador for Special Assignments


Ambassador Baiba Braže has just completed her term as Assistant Secretary General of NATO for Public Diplomacy. In that role she advised the NATO Secretary General, oversaw the coordination of all strategic communications activities across all NATO civilian and military bodies and commands, and also directed all public diplomacy activities of NATO. She led work on elaborating NATO’s approach to countering hostile information activities and disinformation. She established regular consultation and collaboration partnerships with other multilateral organisations and partners in public, private, academic and media sectors to advance information integrity and common approach among likeminded actors. In her diplomatic career, Ambassador Braže has served as Latvia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Netherlands, OPCW, as the Director General of Security policy and International organizations, DG Communications, Europe Director, as the foreign policy and national security advisor to the PM, and held numerous other posts since joining the Foreign Ministry in August 1993, both at home (Legal Department, International Organizations Department) and abroad (United Nations, New York). Braže holds two master’s degrees from the University of Latvia: one in law (1990) and another in communication science (2002) and has studied South East Asian Studies and Thai Buddhism in Chulalonngkorn University in Bangkok.

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