OECD COP28 Virtual Pavilion


Gonzalo Caprirolo

Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs - Slovenia

Head of Analysis and Development Office


Gonzalo Caprirolo, is head of the Unit of Analysis at the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affaires and Equal Opportunities of the Republic of Slovenia since 2019. He has coordinated and contributed to the development of a long-term skill forecast system in place since 2023. He is actively engaged in developing and implementing a project to set up a labour market platform aimed at facilitating matching in the labour market and providing relevant information to wide public and stake holders on labor market needs. Other activities include the development of scoreboards and tools to monitor, well-being, social and labor market developments. He was Chief Economist at the Ministry of Finance and head of the Policy Analysis Unit which he helped to stablish. Gonzalo designed the current fiscal rule in place in Slovenia and contributed to a government’s debt portfolio management strategy leading to a substantial lower debt service costs. He was senior economist at the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development. He was consultant at the International Monetary Fund working on monetary policy implementation (Washington), and United Nations Development Program. He has held various positions in professional bodies. He is currently member of the social Protection Committee’ s Minimum Income Network. He was head of the Slovene delegation to the Output Gap working group of the Council of Europe. He led the Slovene delegation to the Economic Policy Committee (EPC) of the Council of Europe and was Chairman of the EPC’s Labor Market Working Group. He was member of BRUEGEL steering committee (Brussels-based think tank). He represented Slovenia in the Sub-Committee on IMF issues of the Economic and Financial Committee of the Council of Europe and He was member of the ad-hoc FSC - Ageing & Financial Markets devoted to the analysis and implications of ageing populations for financial markets. He was delegate to the Economic Policy Committee and Working Party No1. at the OECD. He holds a master’s degree from Columbia University (MIA), New York and master’s degree in Economics from El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico City.

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