Nathalie Girouard


Head of Environmental Performance and Information, Environment Directorate


Nathalie Girouard manages the OECD International Programme for Action on Climate (IPAC). With solid multi-disciplinary leadership skills acquired by managing the OECD Green Growth Strategy, Nathalie has the proven ability to develop a vision, lead a diversity of expert teams, and plan strategically to produce high quality analytical products with strong impact. She delivered at the COP26, the OECD IPAC Dashboard of climate indicators and the first edition of the Climate Action Monitor. She is an Economist who began her career at the Bank of Canada. Over a period of 25 years, her activities has evolved from country macro-economic surveillance exercise in the OECD Economics Department to green growth and sustainable development strategies, and now focus on climate change and a just transition to net zero emissions by mid-century. Nathalie oversees the Environmental Performance Review Programme, the environmental information and indicators agenda as Head of the Environmental Performance and Indicators Division in the Environment Directorate. She co-leads the Fossil Fuel Support Intelligence Unit. A clear communicator, Nathalie is passionate about contributing to and making a difference to accelerate action towards effective innovation and climate change policies

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