Loredana Magni

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italy

Senior Development Cooperation Adviser to the G20 DWG


Ms. Loredana Magni is Senior Development Cooperation Adviser at the Directorate General for Development Cooperation (DGCS) of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. She joined the Ministry in 1998. In her previous professional career, she also worked for the specialized agency of the United Nations, International Labour Organization, the European Commission and the Italian NGOs, CISP and AIDOS. She has more than 30 years of technical/policy experience in the fields of development strategies, global process, including G7 and G20, and international organizations. In her current capacity, she represents Italy in the G20 Development Working Group, the G20 Platform on SDGs Localisation and Intermediary Cities, the Facility of the Integrated National Financing Frameworks and is focal point for UNFPA, UN Women and UN Habitat. Ms. Magni holds a degree in the field of anthropology from La Sapienza University in Rome, and a Master (Econ.) degree in Development Studies from Victoria University in Manchester.

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