Tamar Zandberg

Ministry of Environmental Protection, Israel

Minister of Environmental Protection


MK Tamar Zandberg was sworn in on June 13, 2021, as the Minister of Environmental Protection as a member of the Meretz party. Previous Roles: • Member of the 24th Knesset and in the 36th Knesset as minister of environmental protection. • In the 23d Knesset: Member of the committee for the advancement of women and gender equality, the committee for children’s rights, the economic committee, the subcommittee for commercial trafficking im women and the ethics committee. • In the 22nd Knesset” member of the arrangements committee and the Knesset house committee. • In the 21st Knesset: chairwoman of the Meretz party. • In the 20th Knesset: co-chairwoman of the committee on drugs and alcohol, co-chairwoman of the lobby for a sustainable society, the urban lobby and the social-environmental lobby. • In the19th Knesset: established and served as chairwoman of the lobby for sustainable transportation and the urban lobby. Served as chairwoman of the subcommittee for Israel’s seashores. • Member of the Tel Aviv City Council from 2008-2013. Education: • Bachelor’s degree in law, Tel Aviv University • Bachelor’s degree in psychology and economics, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem • Master’s degree in social psychology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev • Doctoral candidate in politics and governance, Ben-Gurion University

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