Cities going blue: Localising action for climate-proof blue economies

Nov 14, 2022 | 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM


Cities, regions and basins have a key role to play in fostering a sustainable blue economy, which has been conservatively valued at USD 1.5 trillion and provides 30 million jobs globally. However, sea-level rise, floods and droughts exacerbated by climate change are increasingly threatening water-related economic activities, human health and coastal, marine and freshwater ecosystems. This session will launch the paper on “Cities and Regions for a “RISC-proof” Blue Economy” and discuss results and examples with government representatives and international organisations. Building on preliminary results from 56 cities, regions and basins responding to the OECD Global Survey on Localising the Blue Economy, the paper provides an overview of the state of play of the blue economy at subnational level, its governance and related gaps. It concludes by outlining how different levels of government can make the RISC-proof blue economy a reality through good water governance at the right scale.



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