Catrina Godinho

World Bank

Climate Change Specialist


Catrina Godinho is a Climate Change Specialist at the World Bank, a Fellow of the Energy for Growth Hub and of Agora Energiewende, and former OIES-Saudi Aramco Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies. A researcher at heart, she has spent the last 10 years working on topics related to the political economy of climate policy and the energy sector in academia, thinktanks, and international organizations. Catrina has been involved in an array of international flagship projects, including: the 2020 Climate Transparency Report, the 2020 Emissions Gap Report, the World Bank’s Rethinking Power Sector Reform project, the DFID funded Energy and Economic Growth Project, and the Economic Development and Institutions: Institutional Diagnostic Tool, and the African Development Bank's Revisiting Reforms in the Power Sector in Africa Project. She is currently leading a World Bank report on the political economy of climate policy.

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