OECD COP26 Virtual Pavilion

Transport strategies for net-zero systems by design: Launch event

Nov 8, 2021 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Most climate action focuses on optimising individual components within systems whose functioning is unsustainable by design, rather than on transforming such functioning. This limits the effectiveness of climate action and leaves numerous opportunities for radical emission reductions untapped, as well as for improving well-being. How can we harness such opportunities? How can we trigger the transformational change needed to reach net-zero goals on time? How can we transition towards net-zero systems by design? The well-being lens process developed by the OECD aims to help policy makers identify and prioritise policies with the potential to redesign systems so that- by their functioning- they improve well-being while requiring less energy and materials, and thus producing less emissions. In the report Transport Strategies for Net-Zero Systems by Design, we have applied the well-being lens to climate action in the surface transport sector. During the event, we will briefly present key insights from the analysis and host a discussion with policy makers on how the potential of systems redesign can be applied in different contexts and by different government levels, to reduce emissions while improving people’s lives.

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