Inspiration, innovation and inclusion: Shaping our future with  the social and solidarity economy

Session 7: Visible, valuable and visionary: Taking stock of the social economy’s impact

Mar 21, 2023 | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM



(EN /FR) With growing acknowledgement for their positive impact, social economy entities are facing more pressure from buyers, funders and donors to collect and present evidence of this impact. Quantitative or qualitative, sometimes beneficial impact cannot be precisely measured and requires a crosscutting evaluative approach. This pressure on social economy entities also drives them to maximise their own social impact by effectively allocating resources, learning from experimentation and increasing stakeholder participation and collaboration. This session will highlight the importance of social impact measurement for the development of the social economy. OECD research on social impact measurement practices across countries has identified the best methodologies to capture the social benefits of the social economy. Speakers will discuss the state of social impact measurement, its challenges and potential. This session will also serve as a launch event for the OECD international guide and host a discussion on how to make social impact measurement accessible to all. Following a presentation of the guide by the OECD, the panel will discuss: • Why does social impact measurement matter? • What are the challenges policy makers face when supporting social impact measurement in the social economy? • How can the OECD policy guide help national, regional, and local level policy makers support social impact measurement for the social economy?


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