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Igor Perisic


Vice President of Engineering and Chief Data Officer


Igor Perisic is the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Vice President (VP) of Engineering at LinkedIn. As CDO, he is responsible for all data policy issues and collaborates with LinkedIn’s product, security, and legal teams to ensure that the company is investing in technology, policies, and controls that allow LinkedIn to rapidly and safely scale its portfolio of product offerings. In addition, he runs LinkedIn’s Data engineering team. The data products created by this team power the personalized experiences for hundreds of millions of LinkedIn members around the world. Igor joined the company in 2007. During his time at LinkedIn, Igor and his team have developed LinkedIn’s search engine, its Real-Time Graph Engine, relevance infrastructure and worked on personalizing LinkedIn’s site for its members. Using open source technologies, he and his team have built AI-powered data products such as People You May Know (PYMK) and Jobs You May Be Interested In (JYMBII) that provide personalized experiences for LinkedIn members. Under his direction, LinkedIn engineers have released open source software projects like Kafka, Samza that now power companies all over the world.

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