International conference on AI in Work, Innovation, Productivity and Skills


Steven Miller

Singapore Management University

Vice Provost (Research)


Steven Miller is Professor Emeritus of Information Systems with the School of Computing and Information Systems, Singapore Management University (SMU), since 1 July 2020. Steven was a faculty member and senior administrator at SMU for over 17 years. As SMU’s Former Vice Provost (Research) from mid-2012 through mid-2020, he supported all SMU Schools and Centres to deepen and strengthen their research capabilities, to expand their research visibility and impact, and to increase their levels of external research grant support. As Founding Dean of SMU’s School of Information Systems, a position he held from end-2002 to mid-2016, he established the school’s capabilities across Data Science and Analytics, AI, Cybersecurity, Mobile Systems, Software Engineering, and Information Systems Management. Prior to joining SMU, Steve worked in industry for over 13 years with IBM Global Services (ASEAN and Asia), RWD Technologies (USA) and Fujitsu Limited’s Telecommunications Division (Japan and USA). Prior to his years in industry, Steven was a faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University where his research and teaching focused on applications of robotics and computer-integrated manufacturing, and impacts on productivity, job roles and labour requirements. Since 2018, Steven has focused on applications of Hybrid Intelligence and Human-Machine Collaboration in workplace settings to understand how human intelligence and AI-enabled machine intelligence are being combined to achieve higher levels of capability, adaptability and performance than would otherwise be possible. Steven is founder and principal consultant of Hybrid Intelligence Advisory.