Future-Ready Adult Learning in Latin America

Future-Ready Adult Learning in Latin America

23 and 24 March 2021

Online conference

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Future-Ready Adult Learning 
in Latin America 

23-24 March, 2021

Virtual Conference

About the conference

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought renewed focus to the need to strengthen adult learning in Latin America. Latin American countries have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 crisis, and millions are now without jobs. There is an urgent need for adults to upskill and retrain in new jobs and sectors. But the OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) suggests that adults in Latin American countries are much less likely to participate in training than adults in other countries. Adults who are lower-skilled, older or in informal employment are also much less likely to train than their peers. The 2021 online conference “Future-Ready Adult Learning in Latin America” will bring together experts and practitioners to discuss implementation challenges specific to Latin American countries. The virtual conference will be held over two days, and will include presentations from the OECD, expert panels, and discussion tables. Sessions will be in Spanish, with English translation available.

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