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Tomas Damerau

Executive Director Estudios del Trabajo de la Ciudad de México
Secretaría del Trabajo y Fomento al Empleo


Tomas Damerau holds a degree in economics by the University of Buenos Aires, a Master in Public Policy and Human Development by the University of Maastricht and UNU-MERIT and a doctoral degree in Public Policy by the Center for Economic Research and Teaching in Mexico City. In his professional experience, he has worked with various international organizations where he has analyzed the social protection systems and labor markets of various governments and regions. He also has experience in the private sector and has collaborated in the development of infrastructure projects. In his current duties as Executive Director of Research at Mexico City´s Secretary of Labor and Employment Promotion he leads analytical work to monitor the labor market, including the development of an innovative analytical tool that uses big data techniques to monitor online job portals and inform active labor market policies.