International Conference on AI in Work, Innovation, Productivity and Skills


Nicolas Blanc

CFE-CGC, French Confederation of Management - General Confederation of Executives


As National Delegate for Digital Issues for the CFE-CGC (a French representative trade union), Nicolas Blanc is deeply involved in artificial intelligence and its impact on employment. To anticipate these impacts, he is part of the team of the EU-funded SecoIADeal project with U2P, Cida, Lederna, IRES, ASTREES and the support of TUAC. The two main areas of work will be the measurement of the added value produced by AI systems and the skills to be acquired by managers to effectively work with AI in the future. Nicolas Blanc works in France on the follow-up of the French AI strategy and is involved in the work on digital skills led by the MEDEF. He also follows the work of the National Human Rights Commission (CNCDH) to define a doctrine on the impacts of AI on fundamental rights

This speaker will talk about: