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Stephan Naundorf

German Federal Chancellery

Counsellor of Minister of State


Stephan Naundorf manages the cooperation of the BRU with the regional governments, the parliamentary groups of the German parliament and the main umbrella organisations of the German Economy. He holds a position as advisor to the Minister of State to the Chancellor, who is in charge of Federal-State Coordination of the German government and better regulation. His scope of work includes the development of the Federal Government’s programme for better regulation and to coordinate the cooperation of the German government on better regulation issues with international partners like France and supranational organizations like the OECD. He is chair of the OECD’s Regulatory Policy Committee. Naundorf holds a MBA and a Master of Political Sciences. Before joining the Federal Chancellery staff in 2006, he was a member of the MOD (Ministry of Defence) staff for five years and worked in the economic sector for ten years, including the emerging online and digital markets following the turn of the millennium. His functions included that of a head of corporate communications for one of the international online pioneers. He also was member of the management board and shareholder of an advertising and public relations agency specialised on disruptive business models. His writings on Better Regulation have been published in Zeitschrift für Gesetzgebung,, Revue Française d’Administration Publique, Acteurs Publics, Legislation in Europe, and Lawmaking in multi-level settings

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