OECD SME and Entrepreneurship Ministerial Meeting 2023


Patrik Kovacs


Vice president of the SME&Entrepreneurship Taskforce of OECD BIAC


Dr. Patrik Kovacs is an international businessman, investor and economic diplomat, who is globally active in international business development and policy affairs. Among his investments one of his main business activity is to globally develop, sell, build and buy companies. He is Co-President of the Hungarian National Employers Organization (VOSZ) which represents 46% of the Hungarian GDP and the founder and President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Hungary, which has contributed to the creation of more than 4,14% of all the Hungarian companies in year 2014. In this process with his organization, he has contributed to create 1322 companies in the past 5 years. He is one of the most appreciated and demanded expert in the field of youth entrepreneurship development and governmental policies related, hence he has drafted and advised adoption on many successful programs applicable for implementation on national, EU and global level. As Honorary President at the largest Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union (JEUNE), he is actively building bridges between young businessman of Europe and rest of the world. Patrik is member of several boards of international business organizations with active involvement in World Economic Forum, United Nations ILO, EuCham and European Commission, as well as member of the Business20 (B20) Digitalization Taskforce. In 2018 he became the Vice-president and since 2020 he is the President of the SME and Entrepreneurship Committee of Business at OECD (the Business and Industry Advisory Committee of OECD), where he supports the work to create better economic policies for OECD governments and countries, which represent 65% of global GDP.