OECD SME and Entrepreneurship Ministerial Meeting 2023


Naomi Himeyn Raisch


Acting Director of the Israel Small and Medium Business Agency


Ms. Naomi Himeyn Raisch is the Acting Director of Small and Medium Business Agency (SMBA), at the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Naomi holds a B.A in History and Political science and MA in political science (Magna Cum Laude) both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In the last twelve years Naomi held various positions in the SMBA. She served as the Head of the Regulation Division at SMBA and as a consultant to the Ministry of Economy. Before joining the SMBA Naomi worked in the Israel Democracy Institute. In her current role, Naomi is managing the SMBA, which focuses on designing policies for SMEs. The main goals of SMBA are to improve the business environment for SMEs, facilitate their access to financing options, and to enhance their skills The agency oversees 38 business development centers (MAOF) nationwide, which provide consultancy and training services tailored to entrepreneurs and SME. In addition, SMBA facilitates SMEs' access to financing opportunities, expanding credit supply and access to finance. The agency works towards simplifying bureaucratic procedures, streamlining regulations, and creating business prospects in public procurement. By advocating for regulatory adjustments, SMBA strives to create a more conducive environment for growth and success. Overall, SMBA promoting a business-friendly environment for SMEs. Through policy design, assistance programs, advocacy for regulatory adjustments, and facilitation of financing opportunities, the agency endeavors to create a supportive ecosystem and to promote growth and prosperity of SMEs. Naomi is a Parent to five children and raising a dog and a donkey.