15th Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains


Félicien MBIKAYI


Governance Advisor


Félicien MBIKAYI , a graduate in Rural Development, is a Senior Development Technician and has worked for over a decade in the artisanal mining sector in DR Congo. Félicien is a Governance Advisor at IMPACT, formerly Partnership Africa Canada, and is the liaison between IMPACT and government officials in Kinshasa. In addition to participating in meetings with the Ministry of Mines, he participates in and leads the implementation of IMPACT's project activities in Kinshasa with primarily the technical departments of the Ministry of Mines and others involved. He also monitors the political climate in the Democratic Republic of Congo to mitigate risks and enable IMPACT to carry out its activities in the field. He has worked as President of the Groupe d'Appui aux Ressources Naturelles (GAERN), a Congolese NGO specializing in natural resource issues, particularly diamonds; he was a member of the EITI-DRC Technical Committee; he led the National Council of Development NGOs of the DRC; He has worked with the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) coordinating the project to register artisanal 3T, gold and diamond miners in 3 provinces of Eastern DRC (South Kivu, Maniema and former Oriental Province); He has extensive experience in mining cooperatives in the DRC; he was a member of the Civil Society Coalition within the Kimberley Process (KP) and thus participated in several review visits and KP meetings in several KP member countries and worked as a KP Expert on the Central African Republic; and he participated in several studies including the Diagnostic Study of the Mining Sector in the DRC, Filière diamant; l'industrie du diamant en République Démocratique du Congo : pour quel développement! ; the Investigation of rights violations related to resource exploitation in Mbujimayi and periphery, in DR Congo; the Study to develop products and services of terrestrial observation to meet the needs of geo-spatial information - Natural Resources Scenario / Mbujimayi Region, in DR Congo; the Study entitled: On the way to the mine: what perspectives for the rights of the child in the mines in Kasai Oriental, in DR Congo?

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