2023 Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

Accelerating the green energy transition with responsibility

Apr 27, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Partner session - Room CC20


Accelerating the green energy transition with responsibility: how the renewable energy industry can grow sustainably in the face of rising demand for critical minerals. According to World Bank predictions, demand for graphite, lithium and cobalt could rise by approximately 500% by 2050, and over 3 billion tons of metals and minerals will be needed to scale up wind, solar and geothermal power and energy storage to reach a below 2°C future. Meeting this skyrocketing demand in a sustainable way will require a collaborative approach involving the full range of actors in the supply chain, from extraction at the mine site to end use by the consumer. In this panel session TDI Sustainability, SolarPower Europe and Equitable Origin will discuss some of the key sustainable sourcing challenges associated with accelerating the green energy transition in a sustainable and responsible way that protects both people and the planet. The panel will outline the strategies the organisations are adopting to build supply chain resilience and strong ESG performance. SolarPower Europe will present its approach to supply chain diversification and resilience including the Solar Stewardship Initiative (SSI), an industry-wide initiative driving a more responsible, transparent and sustainable solar value chain. The initiative was launched in October 2022, with pilots running until Q1 2023, followed by a public consultation starting in April 2023.   Equitable Origin will discuss the role of certifications and the experience with their EO100™ system, which can be applied to a variety of renewable energy development projects, including solar installations, wind farms, and hydroelectric dams.

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