15th Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

Session 5: Identifying best practices for environmental due diligence and other emerging risks

May 4, 2022 | 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM


Update on the environmental due diligence handbook and consulting stakeholders on other emerging risks Both the real nature of risks in mineral supply chains and the perception them play important roles in shaping how companies conduct due diligence. The OECD’s 2021 report on risk trends also helped shed light on how Annex II and other risks sometimes give rise to, or exacerbate, one another. Greater awareness of the Due Diligence Guidance being a global standard in conjunction with increased scrutiny of some supply chains and risks that have traditionally received less attention is changing companies’ due diligence postures and priorities. This session will be an opportunity to discuss emerging risks, the ways in which companies are using supply chain due diligence to address them and how to ensure such responses are adequate. It will also include an update on progress on a handbook on environmental due diligence in mineral supply chains the OECD is developing.