2023 Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

Challenges for the implementation of the OECD due diligence guide in the Amazon region

Apr 26, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Partner session - Auditorium


Organised by: Ministry of Mining and Energy of Colombia supported by WWF With immense jungles and rivers containing unique nature, supporting a remarkable cultural diversity in 7 million square kilometers, the Amazon is of great importance for South America and the entire planet. In eight countries and one overseas territory, this large portion of the biosphere is home to almost 10% of the Earth's biodiversity. The largest gold exporting countries in the Amazon (Colombia, Perú and Brazil) share a triple-border which is territorially isolated, lacks state control and security, and has low development indexes, without the mechanisms for the inspection of a declared origin by the seller or buyer, which facilitates gold legalization from illegal mining (mostly linked to other illicit activities such as drug trafficking). Furthermore, effects of mercury and the deforestation caused by the mining activities, are critically impacting indigenous communities and amazon ecosystems. The objective of this session is to promote a multi-stakeholder dialogue to encourage collaborative solutions based on technical information, to control illegal mining and traceability of gold production in the Amazon countries, such as tracing mechanisms and/or origin certifications. Previous analysis made by WWF Colombia and WWF Brazil, among other key information, regarding illegal gold mining routes and dynamics in the Amazon countries, will be used as a basis for discussion.

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