2023 Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

2023 Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

26-27 April 2023 - Forum sessions

24-28 April 2023 - Partner sessions

Women’s Rights and Mining (WRM), in collaboration with the OECD, is making special efforts to address key gender concerns throughout the Forum in order to further strengthen the implementation of gender-responsive due diligence. We provide guiding questions for Forum speakers and for attendees to start or deepen the discussions. We monitor gender and social inclusion throughout the Forum sessions, including Partner Sessions. More information on the monitoring results of the 2021 Forum and information on this year’s Forum can be found here.

The goal here is to promote more effective due diligence through more inclusive representation in our own events, convening and stakeholder outreach. Other relevant tools include the Stakeholder Statement on Implementing Gender-Responsive Due Diligence and Ensuring the Human Rights of Women in Mineral Supply Chains and the 10 Do’s, a guide for governments, companies and practitioners to support women’s rights and mitigate gender risks during OECD due diligence implementation. 

For questions and further resources, please visit the WRM website or contact WRM at info@womenandmining.org 

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