Ministerial Meeting on Responsible Business Conduct


Natalie Bugalski

Inclusive Development International

Legal and Policy Director


Dr. Natalie Bugalski is an international human rights lawyer with expertise on corporate and development finance accountability, as well as land tenure and resettlement policy. She is a co-founder and the Legal and Policy Director of Inclusive Development International, which supports communities around the world to defend their environment and human rights in the face of harmful investment projects. By following the money behind projects that destroy fragile ecosystems, fuel climate change and drive people off their land and into poverty, Inclusive Development International helps affected communities develop advocacy strategies that increase the cost of corporate malfeasance and incentivize responsible business conduct. Natalie leads IDI’s casework, supporting communities to seek remedy for business-related harms through both judicial and non-judicial grievance mechanisms, and its policy work advocating for stronger human rights regulation and accountability of investment and development finance activities. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Law and a PhD in law from Monash University, Australia.