Ministerial Meeting on Responsible Business Conduct


Alexandre Parola

Brazilian Delegation in Paris



Alexandre Guido Lopes Parola currently serves as the Delegate of Brazil to international economic organizations based in Paris. Previously, Ambassador Parola assumed various positions in the Brazilian Government: advisor at the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1991); at the Cabinet of the Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning (1992) and at the Special Advisory to the Presidency of the Republic (1999); Spokesperson for the President of the Republic of Brazil (2002, 2016-2018); Director of the Economic Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2015); and President of Brazil Communication Enterprise - EBC (2018). Ambassador Parola also worked in various positions abroad: Embassy in Washington (1993), Embassy in Santiago (1997); Mission of Brazil in Geneva (2006); Embassy in London (2011); and as Permanent Representative of Brazil to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and to other Economic Organizations in Geneva (2018-2022). The Ambassador has extensive experience in trade negotiations and has held relevant positions such as Head of Delegation to the Group of Economic and Trade Issues (BRICS) meetings in Moscow (2015). Ambassador Parola has been a diplomat since 1988, with a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1985, a Master's in Economics from the University of Brasília in 1991, a PhD in Philosophy from the Catholic University of America in 2003 and a Post- Doctorate in International Relations and Foreign Policy by the University of Oxford in 2003.