Ministerial Meeting on Responsible Business Conduct


Annemarie Straathof

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Vice President, Risk & Compliance, Chief Risk Officer


Annemarie Straathof Vice-President Risk & Compliance and Chief Risk Officer Annemarie Straathof joined EBRD as Vice President Risk and Compliance and Chief Risk Officer in December 2019. She is a member of the Bank's Executive Committee. Her professional responsibilities include managing EBRD’s Crisis Management Team, whether related to the Bank’s remote working mode during the COVID crisis and staff’s return to the office or covering a series of geopolitical crises in the EBRD’s regions of operation, including the most prominent one – the current war on Ukraine. Notwithstanding the COVID and geopolitical crises, Annemarie remains firmly committed to risk management of the impending global environmental crisis. In her role of Chief Risk Officer she oversees EBRD’s nature, biodiversity and climate risk management activities as its countries of operations transition to a low-carbon economy. Ms Straathof has many years of experience working in risk management and finance internationally. Ms Straathof worked at Rabobank from 1995 onwards, with roles in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia and the Republic of Ireland. She began her career as an options trader in Amsterdam. She rose to become Chief Financial & Risk Officer, and Deputy CEO, for Rabobank in Indonesia, and was then appointed Chief Financial Officer Europe in 2014 until joining the EBRD at the end of 2019. Annemarie holds a BA English Literature of the University of Amsterdam and an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University.