PARIS21 2021 Annual Meetings: Data as a public good – Building resilience for a post-pandemic world


Maria Antonia Bravo

Research and Program Manager
Data-Pop Alliance


Maria Antonia Bravo is a Research and Program Manager at Data-Pop Alliance, where she coordinates and leads projects at the intersection of data, governance, and policymaking. Her research experience and interests include conflict and peace resolution and the use of data and AI in policy and decision making, including data governance and sharing standards. In her role at DPA, Maria has led the creation and proposal of Colombia’s Big Data National Strategy, co-authored and managed a study on the European Union’s international cooperation on digitalisation in Sub-Saharan Africa, and has participated in multiple DPA publications including a recent paper for the Vodafone Institute. She is passionate about applied social data science, learning the intricacies of data ecosystems and how data can be harnessed to improve policy making. Prior to joining Data-Pop Alliance, Maria served as Research Assistant on issues of crime and conflict resolution in Latin America. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Latin American Studies from Davidson College in North Carolina, U.S.