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Roger Cox

Paulussen Advocaten



Roger Cox conducts a broad law practice with a focus on the (road) construction and real estate sector and related industries such as sustainable energy and (project) financing. He is active in these fields as a legal advisor, negotiator, contract lawyer, mediator and litigator. Roger also enjoys an international reputation in the field of climate change and law. He is the author of a book on this subject, has several (international) publications to his name and successfully litigated as a lawyer against the Dutch State about its inadequate climate policy. This groundbreaking procedure made the world press and VPRO Tegenlicht made a documentary about it. He is currently acting as a lawyer for Milieudefensie against Shell with the aim of forcing the group to adopt a responsible climate policy. Roger is also founder of the Planet Prosperity Foundation, with which foundation he has been working on social and economic sustainability since 2007. In 2015 he received the Sustainable Ribbon for his initiatives and in 2016 he was named the most influential person in making the Dutch construction sector more sustainable. He is a frequent speaker and participates in advisory committees of various companies and institutions. Roger has registered the following main areas of law in the register of legal areas of the Dutch Bar Association: – General practice – Law of obligations On the basis of this registration, he is obliged to obtain ten training points each calendar year in each registered main legal area, in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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