10th OECD Forum on Green Finance and Investment


Alain De Serres


Deputy Director, Policy Studies Branch, Economics Department


ALAIN DE SERRES is currently Deputy-Director in the OECD Economics Department, overseeing the Department’s work on the role and impact of institutional and policy settings in addressing economic challenges, such as weak productivity growth, income inequality, high debt levels and climate change mitigation. He was recently Acting-Director of the Environment Directorate, overseeing the implementation of the Directorate’s programme of work over a broad range of environmental issues including green growth, climate change, biodiversity, quality of ecosystems, eco-innovation, circular economy and resource productivity. Before that, he has worked on the policy determinants of investment in knowledge-based capital, as well as on economic and financial resilience. Part of his work has been published in journals such as Economic Policy, European Economic Review, Environmental and Resource Economics and the Journal of Economic Geography. Alain is Canadian and before joining the OECD, has worked for many years at the Bank of Canada and the Ministry of Finance in Ottawa.

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