OECD Forum Series 2022: How to Make Resilient Supply Chains Happen



1 : 6th October 2022
12:30 - 14:00
OECD Forum Series 2022 - How to Make Resilient Supply Chains Happen
The current concerns regarding the resiliency of supply chains merit a strategic discussion. International trade has been a key vehicle in improving well-being, driving innovation, and investment thanks to open, well-functioning global markets and a rules-based trading system. Both the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's unprovoked, unjustifiable, and illegal war of aggression against Ukraine have exposed pressure points in supply chains. Some of these points are known; many have yet to be better understood. Countries and firms alike are now reflecting on how to build-up greater supply chain resilience. Business is placing increased emphasis on diversification and reducing policy risks. Governments too are reflecting on whether deepening of trade relationships among trusted "like-minded" partner countries, sharing the same democratic, social and economic values could foster resilience. At the same time, global challenges - like ambitious action on climate change - require cooperative international frameworks to find solutions. Governments and international organisations are also exploring ways they could collaborate to build increased resilience. This OECD Forum virtual event will aim to support these important efforts by allowing for a strategic and solution-oriented discussion between leading stakeholders, coming from a diversity of sectors and geographic regions who will explore how we may best continue harnessing the benefits of globalisation, whilst better addressing its risks.