OECD Local Skills Week: Future-Proofing Local Skills Systems


Lena Forsgren

Labour Market Administration

Project Manager


Lena Forsgren is a project manager at Labour Market Administration in the City of Stockholm. In January 2022, she took over as project manager for a skills supply and job rotation project funded by the European Social Fund. She has followed this innovative project since March 2021 with the aim to create a model for sustainable skills supply in preschool, elderly care and care for people with disabilities. These are areas within the City of Stockholm services with a skills shortage. With a background in business and economics, Lena previously worked as a leader with strategy and development issues in the telecom sector. Spången films (Swedish with possibilities to choose English subtitles): 1: With the right conditions come opportunities (teacher an student perspective) https://share.mediaflow.com/se/?SBCCY8IFWH 2: Communications is not just language (teachers, employees, employers) https://share.mediaflow.com/se/?2NCCI80FSH 3: Motivation is a driving force (employee and substitute perspective) https://share.mediaflow.com/se/?EICCG8QFIH 4: Commitment and competence increase quality (employer perspective https://share.mediaflow.com/se/?4GCCT8BFRH

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