OECD Local Skills Week: Future-Proofing Local Skills Systems


Vildan Ekiz

Municipality of Rotterdam

Program project manager BRIDGE


BRIDGE addresses the urgent urban challenge of better aligning young people’s educational choices with future labour market needs. Rapid transformation of many sectors of the Rotterdam economy has already started to change the skills that are required from the workforce. The associated unprecedented new economic opportunities and challenges will drastically change labour market needs, qualification and skill gaps are expected to grow significantly. This is especially urgent in the case of young people who grow up in deprived areas. In order to reduce the mismatch in Rotterdam South, the Career Orientation and Guidance Programme (LOB) BRIDGE has been developed within the framework of the NPRZ; the National Programme Rotterdam South (NPRZ). A close cooperation between employers, schools, national and local government. BRIDGE is broad-based and focuses on pupils from primary school to the outflow of vocational education to the labour market with the main goal: increasing the (sustainable) opportunities on the labour market of young people in Rotterdam South. BRIDGE offers primary, secondary schools and vocational schools about twenty career guidance interventions and supports and facilitates the schools in this. Schools can use a Roadmap to design and plan their own guidance programme with (BRIDGE-funded) interventions. A central part of BRIDGE is the availability of Career start guarantees. In order to make it even more attractive for young people to opt for vocational training with high job opportunities, employers' organisations make these guarantees available.

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