OECD Local Skills Week: Future-Proofing Local Skills Systems


Karin Ernlund

The Centre Party

Vice Mayor for Labour Market, Integration and Sports; Group leader for the Centre Party in the Stockholm city council


Karin Ernlund is the vice mayor for labour market, integration and sports in Stockholm. She is also the group leader for the Centre Party in the Stockholm city council. She believe in local politics because that's where you can make a big difference in people's everyday lives. Karin is passionate about a free and green Stockholm with a good business environment for both small and big companies, creating jobs for everyone. Economic growth and concern for the environment goes hand in hand according to Karin and she wants Stockholm to be at the forefront when it comes to protecting the environment and mitigating climate change. She is a strong believer that jobs will be created as part of society’s and cities’ transformation to a more sustainable future.

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