OECD Local Skills Week 2024: Talent for the twin transitions

Session 4: Brick by brick, skill by skill: Local skills and shortages in the construction sector

Jun 26, 2024 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


The construction sector faces mounting skills and labour shortages across communities in the OECD. In some OECD countries, it took an average of over 250 days to fill a vacancy in the sector in 2022. The sector’s activity is endangered at a time when construction is playing a vital role in retrofitting existing homes for climate imperatives. An OECD survey finds that 86% of subnational governments surveyed have urban decarbonisation strategies, but adequate financing and skills policies are needed to meet objectives. This partnership session brings together sectoral actors to discuss training strategies to upskill workers while improving the sector’s appeal, especially for women and minorities.

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