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Lucas Gómez

Office of the President of the Republic of Colombia

Manager of Border Affairs


Lucas Gómez is Advisor to the President on the Colombia-Venezuela Border since October 2020, he has been in charge of coordinating government responses to the migration influx from Venezuela, as well as of integrating related efforts from donors, international actors, and civil society organizations. Previously was the Director of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His 15+ years experience includes advisory roles in transparency and fiscal control for the Office of the Comptroller General, and in local development planning for the Governorship of Boyaca. He has also advised UN agencies (IOM, UNDP) and international organizations (Norwegian Refugee Council) in issues related to forced displacement and internal armed conflict victim rights. Lucas holds a BA in Geography and History from La Rochelle Universite (France), a masters in Comparative Politics from Sciences Po (France), and a joint PhD in Political Science from Science Po and the Universidad Externado (Colombia).

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