OECD Local Development Forum: Better strategies for stronger communities


Sandra D. Péloquin

Business Development Bank of Canada

Director of International Relations


Sandra comes from La Montérégie in Quebec, and presently lives in Montréal, an inclusive urban city, where francophones, anglophones and allophones live as neighbors. She was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, leaving her with intrinsic desire to thrive. Sandra is a 2022 Fellow of the Action Canada Public Policy Leadership Program, known as the country’s top accelerator for change makers. As part of the Fellowship, since September 2021, Sandra had the unique occasion to meet smaller communities in the Yukon, New-Brunswick, Manitoba and Quebec. With her fellows, she contributed to an important research addressing the “Immigration in the era of remote work”. In her current role at BDC, she is responsible for strengthening BDC’s international relations and its thought leadership outside of Canada. Moreover, Sandra has the unique opportunity to be Secretary General for The Montreal Group, a not-for-profit association of SME-focused public banks from 11 countries (Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Finland, Belgium, Nigeria, Morocco, KSA, China and India). For now and the years ahead, Sandra has a deep desire to be supporting Canada’s journey to truth, reconciliation and decolonization with Indigenous peoples, a page of history that she hopes is finally being shaped like never before in Canada and elsewhere. She holds a Bachelor of Communications (Concordia + UNGE of Equatorial Guinea + University of Ottawa combined program), a Graduate Diploma in International Business (McGill) and an MBA (University of Ottawa).

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