OECD Local Development Forum: Better strategies for stronger communities


Fatemeh Jailani

SINGA Global

Chief Operating Officer


Fatemeh Jailani is the Chief Operational Officer of SINGA Global, an international organization that works to demonstrate how migration is an asset for any society, and can create greater cohesion if only we dare to see it from an another perspective. To foster this alternative perspective at SINGA, she works to demonstrate that multiculturalism and tolerance feed innovation, which our societies need to tackle the transnational challenges threatening our democratic societies. Focusing on community building, entrepreneurship and innovation, SINGA aims to cover all the bases of inclusion and create an ecosystem that responds to the needs of newcomers today, and tomorrow. This model is built on the principal of establishing an equal footing in all interactions between newcomers and local residents. Fatemeh is also the Founder of Accidental European, a collaborative digital media platform that seeks to harness collective intelligence so that EU policy making is more accessible to citizens from all levels of society. Her effort is focused on innovating democratic spaces to ensure citizen engagement, which is essential to healthy democracies and just policy transitions.

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