OECD Local Development Forum: Better strategies for stronger communities

Study visit in Cork 3: Opportunities for all, creating pathways for all

Jun 16, 2022 | 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Churchfield Community Trust


Churchfield Community Trust is a community-based organisation situated on the Northside of Cork City. As an organisation they operate three several social enterprise initiatives which report significant positive social impacts which contribute to the social economy: - The Garden Café: This social enterprise provides training and mentoring in a live café environment to men and women who are interested in progressing to employment in the catering industry. Mentoring and certified training is delivered to employees who engage as part of the Garden Café initiative. - Compass Crafts: The carpentry team, design and produce garden furniture. playpark items and creche furniture. Trainees are trained and mentored under the supervision of the workshop manager in a live workshop environment focusing on pre-apprenticeship skills. - Growing Initiative: The Horticulture team grow and supply, fresh seasonal produce such as salad leaves, seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs to local restaurants including their own garden Café. For more information http://churchfieldcommunitytrust.com/

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