OECD Local Development Forum: Better strategies for stronger communities

June 15, 2022
08:30 - 11:00
Strategic foresight workshop
Workshop for Local Development Forum Participants at County Cork Hall
11:30 - 13:00
Registration & light refreshments
13:00 - 14:30
Opening - Imagining the future(s): preparing for the local jobs and skills of tomorrow - livestreamed
If we were to meet again in the future, what could our communities look like if we were successful in making them more inclusive, sustainable and resilient – and what are the risks if we don’t? To kickstart the discussion, hear the insights participants gained from the morning’s strategic foresight exercise and discussions at the 80th Session of the LEED Committee. Following this, panellists will reflect on preparing for the jobs and skills of tomorrow, including meeting the requirements of the green transition.
NadimAhmad (OECD)JeffreyFinkle (OECD)SimonHarris (Ireland)KarenMaguire (OECD)MicheálMartin (Ireland)DeirdreO' Shaughnessy (Irish Examiner)RuthPaserman (European Commission)JeffreySchlagenhauf (OECD)YounessSekkouri (Morocco)TizianoTreu (National Council for Economics and Labour, Italy)
14:30 - 15:00
Transfer to workshops and coffee
15:00 - 16:30
Workshop A. More than a band-aid: The social economy’s transformative power
The social economy is often more visible as a tool to address social challenges. However, it can – and in many places already does – play a much larger role in helping to make our communities more resilient, inclusive and sustainable over the long-term. This workshop will explore how to better connect the social economy and local development efforts, including quality jobs for all.
AndrewForde (Department of Rural and Community Development, Ireland)MikelIrujo Amezaga (Government of Navarra, Spain)SarahMcKinley (Democracy Collaborative, United States)AntonellaNoya (OECD)RuthPaserman (European Commission)AnaUmbelino (City of Torre Vedras, Portugal)CécileVergier (City of Montreal, Canada)
15:00 - 16:30
Workshop B. Don’t wait until it’s too late: reskilling today for the jobs of tomorrow
Education and training is no longer something that can be frontloaded in the start of a working life and then put aside. As the imperative for lifelong learning grows, how can we revamp and ramp up local skills systems so that more people – whether in work or looking for a job – are able to get the skills they need to stay relevant in a shifting labour market?
AndrewBrownlee (SOLAS)AdamGajek (Eurochambres)ChristineJuen (Permanent Mission of Austria to the OECD)KristineLangenbucher (OECD)RalucaPainter (European Commission)RonaldPainter (National Association of Workforce Boards, United States)Patricia Wruuck (European Investment Bank)
15:00 - 16:30
Workshop C. Blended and remote working: new tools – and challenges – for local jobs
The rapid expansion of remote working has radically changed our workplaces and grabbed headlines since the start of the pandemic. As we move into the new normal, what will blended and remote working mean for local development more generally? What new opportunities can be leveraged, and what challenges could present themselves?
RudigerAhrend (OECD)LucaComper (Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy)PeterCreticos (Institute for Work and the Economy, United States)DirkLüerßen (Wachstumsregion Ems-Achse, Germany)GrainneO’ Keeffe (Ludgate Hub, Ireland)Sandra D.Péloquin (Business Development Bank of Canada)AlessandraProto (OECD)
15:00 - 16:30
Workshop D. Dismantling barriers to participating in education, training and employment
If you build it, will they will come? For many, other barriers, from childcare to transport to mental and physical health challenges inhibit meaningful engagement in education and training systems. While digital delivery has helped to expand access, it also limits the types of face-to-face supports that may be the most beneficial for some. This workshop will explore how to improve on-ramps and pathways for people who want to re-engage in education and training, but may face barriers in doing so. Amongst others, the specific case of refugees and recently arrived migrants will be considered.
DenisBarrett (Cork City Council, Ireland)AdamBiernat (Regional Labour Office in Krakow, Poland)MeadhbhCostello (IBEC, Ireland)AlbaIglesias Clavijo (Municipality of Fuenlabrada, Spain)SoledadMartín Hernández (Municipality of Fuenlabrada, Spain)AndersNorberg (Skellefteå Municipality, Sweden)AnnaRubin (OECD )SallySinclair (National Employment Services Association, Australia)
18:00 - 21:00
Dinner reception at the City Hall