OECD LAC Productivity Summit

Ministerial Session 2: Roundtable - The human side of productivity: the contribution of workforce, management and firm organisation

Jun 23, 2022 | 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM

Ministerial Sessions


OECD data documents that the skills and the diversity of the workforce and of managers – the human side of businesses – account on average for about one third of the labour productivity gap between firms at the productivity “frontier” (the top 10% within each detailed industry) and medium performers at the 40-60 percentile of the productivity distribution. The composition of skills, especially the share of high skills, varies the most along the productivity distribution, but low and medium skilled employees make up a substantial share of the workforce even at the frontier. Taking into consideration the LAC context, with high levels of informality, this session will discuss public policies that can facilitate the catch-up of firms below the frontier through skills and diversity, covering a wide range of areas exerting their influence through the supply, upgrading and the matching across firms (the SUM) of skills and other human factors.

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