2023 OECD Sustainable Investment Days


James Zhan


Senior Director, Investment and Enterprise


James Zhan is director of UNCTAD's division on investment and enterprise. He also leads the preparation of the annual World Investment Report. He has directed extensive research and policy analysis, and led the formulation of global guidelines for investment and enterprise policies used by over 100 countries. He has facilitated various international summits (including G20), and provided technical assistance to many governments and institutions (including heads of states, cabinets and parliaments). He initiated the World Investment Forum in 2008 and provides the overall guidance. He chairs the Governing Board of the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (with members of major stock exchanges worldwide). He is chief strategist for the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies and was Global Agenda Council member of the World Economic Forum. He is editor-in-chief of the academic journal Transnational Corporations. He has held several advisory positions with academic institutions (including the University of Cambridge, Columbia University, Cornell University, University of Geneva), and was research fellow at Oxford University. He has published extensively on trade and investment-related economic and legal issues.